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This page is provided as a convenience reference source for those OCF Fair Family members who wish to know more about the Board of Directors appointed ELDERS COMMITTEE and how to achieve ELDER STATUS.

The OCF Elders Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors in 1999.

Q: What is the purpose of this committee as defined by the Board of Directors?
A: Any Fair participant who has served the Fair as staff, booth member and/or entertainer for at least 20 years and who is over the age of 55 is eligible for Elders Status. Elder Status confers the eligibility to earn or purchase a camping pass to the Oregon Country Fair every year. Elder Status does not exempt anyone from following the Guidelines and the Code of Conduct of the Oregon Country Fair. (It is the committee’s purpose to assist each applicant when they apply for Elders Status.)

Q: How does the committee meet this goal?
A: Verifying new Elders and assisting them as much as we are able. Administering the compassion pass program and developing the Elders camping area. Defining and promoting Elders issues.

The Elders Committee has established the following subcommittees to help with Elder Issues.

1) APPLICATION - Approval Subcommittee: Note: This subcommitte has been operating since the inception date of the Elders Committee.
As of April 2013 there were 785 qualified OCF Elders who have Elder Status.

2) BUDGET Subcommittee: Self explanatory.

3) CAMPING: Among the issues concerning this subcommittee are;
A) Accessing up to 4 transitional teens for labor with 4 full-time trade passes made available by the General Manager.
B) A possible golf cart for transportation from Elders Camp to the Ritz.
C) Possible structure for Elders Camp.
D) Pre-Fair work parties needed to clear Poison Oak at Elders Camp.

4) DESIGN Subcommittee: For help with Still Living Room and other projects.

5) EARNED PASS Subcommittee: [The Earned Pass/JOB Subcommittee coordinates/facilitates Elders who wish to continue to volunteer for the OCF in a different job/capacity. The Committee is collecting examples and will present this information to the BOD at a future date. You may download an application form below.]

6) EVENTS Subcommittee:
This Committee does sponsor some yearly events at each Fair, which include the Meet and Greet, the Bell ringing ceremony to welcome new Elders, and others.

7) MEMORIAL Subcommittee: To remember those passed.

8) NEWSLETTER subcommittee: To keep elders informed.

9) PROGRAMMING Subcommittee: Brainstorming and planning details.

10) TIMELINE subcommittee: A continuing project.

11) WRISTBAND subcommittee: Responsible for data base and registration of Elders for the Fair.


NOTE: Elder Committee Subcommittees set their own date and times for meetings.
The Elders Committee meets monthly [except July] at the OCF Fair Office, 442 Lawrence Street, Eugene, OR 97401. Please see the OCF calendar at the Fair Office or join the WonderfulOCFelders listserve (Links Page).

Questions About Elder Status and FAQs may be Downloaded

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eMail the Elders Committee at: OCFElders@HotMail.com

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Elders Committee Frequently Asked Questions

Elder Status Application

OCF Membership Application

ELDER WORDS most recent issue


Most recent Elders Retreat Minutes

As reported by Eric Nicholson:
Jon P.: - WOW Hall is in process to purchase 4 street lanps which were/are authentic historic lamps from downtown Eugene.
To Raise money they will sell naming rights... prospective donors/buyers may spend $300 to get their designated name on the base of the lamp stand.
These lampposts were removed from Alder street and were in fairly recent use..
Kay; Spirit walk October 18th, potluck before and after the walk at twilight.
October 19: OCF VOTE on BOD
Paxton: Vision Action Committee searching for goals ... looking for anything missing in the nine goals. Next step is to post the list of all the goals and responses online and in the Fair Family News, sometime this winter.
Chris is busy working with the site council to take out diseased pine trees in Elders Camp area. Lisha wants to thank Robert Jacobs for all his work on the Candidate Forum.

LPFM - Michael JamesLong:
We are fast approaching the deadline for the Board of Directors to instruct the Fair Lawyer (Russell Poppe) to mail in the application to the FCC if the Oregon Country Fair wants a Low Power FM radio franchise. This is a real opportunity to aid Fair to Membership communication and such a project would help facilitate other projects of the Fair like, the Archives Project, Spoken Word, younger generation opportunity for a voice, and Elections Committee Work, etc.
The project has generated great interest among the membership and there was even support for a “subscription fee” expressed on the OCF Discuss list.
It was stressed that a LPFM would give the membership a voice in change.
The draft of the FCC Form has been mailed to all Board of Directors.
History of the project was reviewed. Letters of support have been received from the Crow, Applegate, Lorraine School District, Veneta/Fern Ridge library, CALC, and at least one local Veneta business.
Once the application is approved, the OCF has up to 2 years to finalize the details.
Elders were encouraged to support a positive vote to Board of Director members, by phone or Email.

Archive Project; Jerry Joffe:
Jerry reviewed what he sent to the BOD and management, in conjunction with Terry Baxter, Archivist for Multnomah County ... who is involved on a national level.
Charlie Ruff (OCF General Manager) has requested some lists and job descriptions, received same and took the information to the ByLaws Committee.

Paxton said he had full confidence that the ByLaws Committee would accept the proposal once the details were worked out and research was done to see how other organizations structured such projects.
Jerry’s letter helped to get things on track and moving! Jerry has a trunk load of material that could be put in any archives when approved. He reviewed the questionnaire that was distributed at this years fair.
There is a long list of things to do ... There is space at the office for archive material, but in the future you not only need space to store, you need space to work on the materials!
Laurie - has some 18 years of material, plans to do a book, wants to know what format would be met/needed.
Jerry would like names to be put on the rear of any pictures in pencil... so others can also identify persons.

Old Timers Picnic
Should it be continued or not?
Elders have take it on, and it has been attended well last 6-7 years. Those who started it, do not seem to be attending... What to do??
There are conflicts with the kitchen because they have split responsibility for events between several people (crew structure), they traditionally have a party at the same time/weekend.
There is a lot of not current information.
Drop the dinner, keep the dinner?
Paxton feels it offers the opportunity for Elders to mix with young folk ... a good thing! Jerry; who are the old timers?
Lois; would like to personally invite...
Jon; it was organized in the 70’s from Main camp, more than half were dropped from that list. When Elders took it over it became a broader invitation. He would like the original old timers - effort to be made to invite them. The Elders band was too loud for this type of event..

It was agreed to continue the Old Timer’s picnic with low key music.
Peggy suggested an article in the Fair Family News about the Old Timer’s Picnic.
Chris; we took over the OTP in 2006...

Budget - $2,700 (Request?? Spent?? Not clarified) Operational budget was $1,600. We used 83%.
Meet and Greet is done outside of the budget.
We are looking at $800 for activities, $300 for Geezers, ... total $1,600 for operations... request to raise to $1,800...
Postage has/is increased.
Christine wants geezer budget to increase to $400.
Paxton; we need a 2nd Geezer, rather than a new budget for the geezer.... and/or electric cart for moving elders around .... (endorsed by group present).

Chris will research rental fees. Jon wants to get our own walkie talkie set ... or establish own FRS channel (editor remark).
Issue of raising budget for hot water for Elders...
What is the amount of the outside contribution fund? Answer; Robert Jacobs said there is $53 in an envelope he and co-treasurer of the Council of Elders retrieved when OUR account was closed.
There is also a separate fund to help Elders obtain the wristband fee managed by Patricia of the Wristband, subcommittee.
We were $40 short for food budget for the retreat ... hat was passed.

Discussion of worker passes:
Still Living room, Hospitality, Geezer, FARTS bus (actually now a part of Crew Services), Musician at Registration, Events Committee, Wristband subcommittee, other??
Possible increase for Geezer (3), Hospitality (2), Still Living Room (1) .. total #25
Chris; We can and should be able to verify all requested.

Community Center Location:
A spirited discussion...
Jon; It is necessary and appropriate for Elders to have input.
Jerry; Is there a legal problem with language? Answer: Yes, cannot be “kitchen”.
Paxton; There are places where a kitchen can be built on the land, but the Fair wishes to put it elsewhere.
This brought on long involved discussion of zoning, land purchased, land “grandfathered”, what is done now on the land... etc.
Heather; It is important to note that many things concerning land use, and zoning are complaint driven... no problems, unless there are complaints.
Jerry; What are the pros and cons of “park” designation, zoning permits, camping, etc.
Jon; Tried to answer many of these concerns .. A3 code allows community hall, granges, ... parking must be within 800 feet of the building.
Heather; No special use overlays (supersedes) zoning .. commissioners make decisions pending on what planning staff tells them can be done.

Legal wording is why the “Lodge” came to be referred to as a “community center”.
Christine; If parking is put at Alice’s, then trees will be lost.
Paxton; It would be difficult to bring Alice’s up to a commercial level.
Jon; Elders Camp and Zen Acres have the same code compliance. ... a Kitchen, Community Center would be allowed under a “Park” overlay and all the property could be treated similarly.

We are already allowed to have a community center on any of our currently owned residentially zoned parcels above the flood plane as a conditional use. The parks overlay will allow our broad spectrum of activities to be conducted throughout our properties. They are two separate issues but are mutually supporting in terms of the county process.

Again, enforcement is complaint based ... and there are other loop holes in the regulations.
Kay; Elders should be interested in the changes proposed so that we have a voice. She would rather we do not give up our camp ground.

*** END ***


... Last edit: January 2014