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Council of Elders
The Oregon Country Fair Family is a large and diverse group of individuals. It also is composed of over 30 groups with "crew" designated status. If any of these "crews" have their own websites or informational pages and wish to have them posted here on our links page, eMail the webmanager.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, it is not possible to communicate directly with the Council of Elders. However, a Council Clerical Committee was formed to facilitate agendas, consolidate clerical tasks, and clarify dates for events that the Council of Elders may be involved with, or to help sponsor.


The best way currently to contact the Council of Elders is to "join" the Wonderful OCF Elders (below) and then send an eMail directed to the Council Clerical Committee. At present, the Elders Council is in need of a "lead dog" contact person. If considering, contact the Wonderful OCF Elders link below.

If you wish to communicate with other OCF Elders then join the listserve and eMail the Wonderful OCF Elders .

Oregon Country Fair LINKS
Link to OCF Web Site
Learn all about it, click on the logo:
The OCF actually has two web sites. The public site is the one represented by the logo. The other site is used mainly by the OCF Fair Family. Unfortunately, many of us forget about it and it is still unknown to many. Click HERE to visit.

The Oregon Country Fair Family has an eMail Listserve which is: OCF Discuss

This is a link to OCF Elders on the fair family site, but it is onlty a "committee" link... with no information.

To JOIN the OCF as a member, download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

There have been many questions and eMails that reach the Elders Committee through the OCF Office. Most want more information and how to apply for Elder Status or FAQs

The fair OCF Elders link is very difficult to find, which is why it is posted above in the OCF links. Since one of the Council of Elders goals is to serve as a reference source, we have posted a link here devoted to the Elders Committee.
Click on their logo.

OCF Elders Committee Page link
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