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Questions you may have about the COUNCIL of ELDERS and other queries about the OCF and Elders.

Q: Can I contact the Council of Elders?
A: No. However, you can contact the Council Clerical Committee of the Elders Council by navigating to the Links Page.

Q: What is the Council of Elders?
A: Those Oregon Country Fair members who have obtained official "Elder Status" AND that attend an Elders Council meeting in person, phone or by other electronic means.

Q: What is "Elder Status"?
A: Elder Status is conferred upon OCF members by the OCF Elders Committee in accordance with the policy established by the OCF BOD.

Q: What is the OCF Elders Committee?
A: The OCF Elders Committee is an official OCF Board of Directors appointed committee responsible to, and reports to, the Board of Directors of the Oregon Country Fair.

Q: How does one obtain "Elder Status"?
A: Navigate to the Links Page and click on the OCF Elders Logo to obtain further information about the Elders Committee.

Q: What if I have more questions specifically about "Elder Status"?
A: Again, navigate to the Links Page and click on the OCF Elders Logo.

Q: So what IS the relationship between the Council of Elders and the Elders Committee?
A: The Elders Committee is a BOD appointed Committee that confers "Elder Status" upon OCF Members who meet the required criteria. The Council of Elders is composed of OCF Members who have "Elder Status".

Q: Does the Council of Elders have any authority, Crew Status, or is it official?
A: No.

Q: Why was the Council of Elders formed?
A: Those OCF Elders that gathered, wished to offer to the Fair their combined experience, advice and service. They reached a consensus that Fair members, at times, have expressed a need for further communication between Fair members, The BOD, Operations, and Crews. The Council of Elders hopes the Fair Family will eventually seek their advice or opinions on a wide range of issues and challenges that the OCF may face.

Q: May I bring a friend who has a paid day pass to my camping site?
A: Any fair member who is wristbanded may "escort" a NON-wristbanded person/visitor to their camp during public hours. They must be escorted and the wristbanded person takes full responsibility for their behavior and actions. 

Q: What, Who is the Oregon Country Fair?
A: We thought every one knew, but then we are here to educate. Go to the Links Page.

Q: What if there are other questions asked?
A: Contact the web master on the Links page and he will collect and collate. If the same question is repetitive enough it will be added to this page.