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The Council of Elders is NOT an Oregon Country Fair Crew nor does it have any official authority.

During April 2007, the Elders of the Oregon Country Fair, through the Elders Committee, held a first ever Elders Retreat. The Council emerged from that discussion. An introductory artcle was published in the June issue of the Fair Family News.

By general consensus, it was agreed that whenever the Council of Elders is convened, any recognized and verified Elder may participate and vote, if a vote is taken (on an issue, policy, motion, etc.). Each Elders Council will be made up of Elders present (in person, by phone, by internet) at that time. All registered Elders can be a part of this council anytime the Council convenes.

A Council Clerical Committee was also formed to handle the clerical details necessary to communicate with Elders and to help coordinate meeting times, places and technology to allow for maximum participation. If a Fair Family member would like their concerns to be heard by the Elders Council, that person would contact the Clerical Committee. The Clerical Committee will keep these requests organized and the Elders informed of issues to be addressed at the next Elders Council session.

Regarding Council of Elders matters, please let us know how you would like to be contacted. To contact us, navigate to the LINKS page.

The purpose of the OCF Council of Elders is to assist the Oregon Country Fair family by offering a perspective that only substantial years of experience with life and the OCF can provide. Our long range goal is to be a resource for the Oregon Country Fair Family and serve as a sounding board for OCF issues, feedback and opinion. The Council also intends to sponsor events that reflect long-held values of the Elders themselves.

As Events are scheduled we will try to post them on the Events page in a timely fashion. Minutes of previous meetings will be posted on the Reference page as available.

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