To the Oregon Country Fair Council of Elders Website.

This site is dynamic and may be continually edited. It is intended as an informational resource for those who may wish to know more about the Elders Council, and its functions. Hopefully it will serve similar to a bulletin board where our elders (and interested persons) can learn about what is going on, how they may help others, and become involved with issues that come our way.

The purpose of the OCF Council of Elders is to assist the Oregon Country Fair family by offering a perspective that only substantial years of experience with life and the OCF can provide.

The Council of Elders is made up of those verified OCF Elders (by the OCF Elders Committee) who participate in person, by phone or internet, when it convenes.

Note: Participation by phone or internet may NOT be available every time the council convenes. All Fair Family with 'Elder Status' can be a part of this Council anytime the Council convenes and votes, if a vote is taken.


The OCF Council of Elders is not an OCF Board appointed committee and has no authority or special privileges granted by the OCF Board or Operations.

You may use the navigational signpost to find out more about us and to contact fellow OCF Elders.

The Reference page contains unofficial minutes, proposed agenda items, and has a link to minutes of past meetings.

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